Exhibition Unboxed

Exhibition design for an exhibition about the ongoing process of surveying trans* related material in the collections of the Schwules Museum, Berlin.

  • Conceptual spacial plan for the exhibit
  • Signaging and label design
  • Wall development and colour scheme
  • On-site installation

More information: Exhibition description on museum website

Photos: Schwules Museum by Paul Sleev

Larissa Wunderlich unites analytical thinking and visual strength. She brings high expertise across all steps of the design process: research, prototyping, and aesthetics.

A graduate of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, she has worked in knowledge transfer and visual communication in academia and as a freelance designer and strategist for various companies, startups and NGOs . Her work focuses on information design, data visualisation and science communication as well as interactive and generative design. Larissa’s  more than ten years of experience and interdisciplinary background enable her to view projects from multiple perspectives, and quickly grasp and layout a conceptual framework to build good design on.

kint Pianos

Kint Pianos is a boutique piano restoration workshop and antique piano retailer based in Gent, Belgium.

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encore 2017

encore 2017 by Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG). Continue Reading →

Collaboration between startups and mid-sized companies

Collaboration between startups and mid-sized companies holds great potential for the German economy. The study Collaboration between startups and mid-sized companies. Learn. Match. Partner. shows how startups and mid-sized companies can realise this potential, achieve their goals and overcome barriers. An interactive online publication complements the  printed study. The online study runs on the framework Graphite developed by Marcel Hebing and Larissa Wunderlich.

  • Visualisation of qualitative research data
  • Information graphics for key takeaways
  • Overall study layout
  • Interactive online publication running on Graphite including frontend development

Visit study online: impactdistillery.com/graphite/sum

Bitte aufräumen

A Berlin-based startup offering coaching and services around day-to-day organisation, a tidy home and a lean household.

  • Logo and Branding
  • Stationary and marketing material
  • Website

More info: bitte-aufräumen.de

Zahnärztin Anne Schulz-Lüdeke

The complete branding of a dentist located in Uelzen.

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encore 2016

encore 2016 by Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG).The magazine encore is published annually and summarises the research topics and events of the past year. The heart of the magazine is a number of selected articles written by HIIG researchers about subjects that have been relevant throughout the year. Furthermore, representatives working in science, business and politics share their perspectives on questions around internet and society. The appendix includes the institute’s annual research report.

Scope of work includes:

  • Editoral concept
  • Overall magazine design
  • Typesetting and photo editing

More info: hiig.de/en/encore

re:claim autonomy!

A full-day symposium organised by  Rudolf Augstein Stiftung on how to reclaim autonomy in a digitalised world with contributions by Gerhart Baum, Shoshana Zuboff, Martin Schulz, Saskia Sassen, Evgeny Morozov, Jakob Augstein and many more.

Work spans:

  • Design of conference theme
  • Conference website
  • Conference material including name tags, signaging, banners and media graphics

More info: schirrmacher-symposium.de

AOIR Conference

The annual conference of the Association of Internet Research in 2016 took place in Berlin unter the title Internet rules!  AoIR 2016 emphasised the relevance of the internet in today’s culture and politics. 600 researchers from all around the world gathered in Berlin to discuss the latest developments in the field of internet and society research. The conference theme addressed the significance of the codes and rules that frame the internet, as well as their playful circumvention, from technical protocols and popular platforms to the emerging, established, and contested conventions of online communities. A public panel discussion, an opening reception and a conference banquet completed the 4-day conference programme.

Scope of work:

  • Member of international conference committee
  • Heading local event coordination team
  • Design of conference theme
  • Conference material including banner, name tags, posters, coupons, slides, conference bags, signage
  • More info: hiig.de/en/events/aoir-2016-internet-rules