Larissa Wunderlich unites analytical thinking and visual strength. She brings high expertise across all steps of the design process: research, prototyping, and aesthetics.

A graduate of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, she has worked in knowledge transfer and visual communication in academia and as a freelance designer and strategist for various companies, startups and NGOs . Her work focuses on information design, data visualisation and science communication as well as interactive and generative design. Larissa’s  more than ten years of experience and interdisciplinary background enable her to view projects from multiple perspectives, and quickly grasp and layout a conceptual framework to build good design on.

kint Pianos

Kint Pianos is a boutique piano restoration workshop and antique piano retailer based in Gent, Belgium.

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Bitte aufräumen

A Berlin-based startup offering coaching and services around day-to-day organisation, a tidy home and a lean household.

  • Logo and Branding
  • Stationary and marketing material
  • Website

More info: bitte-aufrä

Zahnärztin Anne Schulz-Lüdeke

The complete branding of a dentist located in Uelzen.

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A Berlin-based startup offering nail wraps.

  • Logo and Branding
  • Illustrations
  • Product development research

Lena Wandinger Photography

Classic and simple – yet outstanding: the new design for the Munich based photographer Lena Wandinger.

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Duo Campanula

Exclusive music for extraordinary events.

Zahnarztpraxis Catharinenlehn

The complete branding of a dentist located close to the North Sea.

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